Top 5 Snapchat Hookup Tips You Need To Know

If you’re looking for an easy local hookup, then you might think dating apps like Tinder are the place to find it. However, you might be surprised to learn many people are finding Snapchat hookups instead with much better success.

OnlyBros has put together a nice guide on how to find Snapchat hookups —, so if you’re unsure, we suggest you go read their guide first. However, once you’re chatting up a hottie on Snapchat and are about to hook up, we’ve got some tips to make sure it goes great. So here are our top five tips that will help your Snapchatter have an amazing time:

1) Have Fun!

This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s hooked up before, but too often we see people try and get serious with each other. While having fun is important during sex, being completely sober makes things difficult to navigate when it comes to what actually feels good. When you know she loves dirty talk and talking dirty, don’t hold back! It can really spice things up for both of you. Try not to forget the most important part – having fun.

2) Be Confident & Act Like Yourself.

A big reason why women love seeing pictures from guys they admire is because they want to feel attractive. The best way to achieve this goal is to act confidently while making yourself look good by showing off your body, face, hair, tattoos, etc. Show her that there isn’t anything she can do or say that’ll take away how hot you think she looks. Even if you aren’t naturally confident in these situations, simply pretending to be can work wonders. If you seem like you don’t care at all about your appearance, then you might lose interest even before you start kissing.

3) Don’t Get Too Nervous About Having Sex For The First Time.

Sure, getting naked and intimate with someone new can bring out the nerves in both people involved. But once those first butterflies calm down, your confidence will improve. Just remember that feeling nervous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Instead, use it as motivation to impress her and show her just how awesome you are.

4) Talk To Her & Pay Attention To Her Words And Body Language.

This goes hand-in-hand with #2 above since good communication is key when having a relationship (or casual hookup). If she says something cute, tell her so, compliment her on her outfit/body, or share some interesting fact about yourself. Doing these things shows her you’re interested in communicating more than simply achieving an orgasm. It’s also important to pay attention to her body language while she talks; does she seem turned on? Does she have trouble talking about certain subjects? These things can help you know what type of girl she is and give you ideas of what to talk about next.

5) Always Use Protection!

This is the biggest mistake many guys make after they get laid. You can’t always trust the girl, and even if you do, condoms still provide extra protection against STDs and pregnancy. Plus, they make it way easier to last longer in bed. Remember, sex isn’t only for pleasure – it’s for preventing unwanted pregnancies, diseases, and creating life – it has far too much importance for us to mess up at this crucial point in our lives.
We hope our guide helps you to have a great experience with hooking up though Snapchat! As always, please be careful when meeting women online and always remember that consent matters.

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